Why it’s important to surround yourself with positive people

I wanted to write this article since a long time so here we are. That’s what I’ve learned over the years:

-Non positive people will let you feel down maybe more than you are already. Positive people encourage you, make you smile or laugh, they can also show you the bad AND the positive effects of any choice you’ve made.

-Positivity will bring you positivity. Same happens for negativity. You are what you think, so don’t be angry or sad, try to find solutions instead of problems.

-Problems are, unfortunately, everywhere. I mean, everyone got problems. More important sometimes, they got WORST problems then yours according to them and you probably think you’ve got worst problems than other persons. So……relax…be grateful every day for the gift of being alive. Time goes so swiftly. Everything can change in one second, depending on you: 10% is what happen to you, 90% is how you react to it.

-‘No’ does not means negativity. It’s right to say ‘No’, in any occasion where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Choose companions who respect your well-being, who are enthusiastic about life and want to do something wonderful.

-Positivity will bring you less stress, more relaxed time, you will forget a bit about the future and concentrate your thoughts in the present time. You will have more open doors.

-If you already have positive friends, nurture them. They are important: the majority of the society is already depressed and is looking for people to save them but they don’t really want to be ‘saved’. Make sure to have lonely time only for yourself, and the rest of the time, surround yourself with positive people.

Focus with positive energy and the negative doesn’t consume you.