Smile it’s contagious


Even if you have a billion problems in your life. Or just one.

Even if you think you’re alone in your situation.

Even if you think no one can understand you at the moment.

Even if you think the world is getting worse every day.

Even if you think you miss someone important.

Even if you’re doing a job you don’t really like only to save money.

Even if you miss some opportunity.

Even if you would like to be somewhere else.

Even if you think there is no reason to smile today.


Please do. SMILE. You’re alive! We should wake up everyday and be grateful for what we have, who we have close to us, and not for what we DON’T have….

Do what you CAN with what you HAVE. Now.

Be grateful. Today you are here. Tomorrow.. who knows! There are worst situations than yours. Be realistic. and SMIIIIIIILE, It’s contagious!