We hope that you will find all the books and films informative and inspiring, on your path of well-being!

Nous espérons que vous trouverez ces ressources inspirantes et utiles

Books / Livres:

Healing with whole foods (P. Pitchford) - The China Study (T. Colin Campbell) - Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows (M. Joy) - Whole: rethinking the science of nutrition (T. Colin Campbell) - Animal farm (G. Orwell) - The Vegan Book of Permaculture (G. Burnett) - The end of suffering and the discovery of happiness (T. Gyatso & HH. the Dalai Lama) - Ayurveda the science of self-healing (V. Lad) - Introduction to Animal Rights (G. L-Francione) - Lettere a Lucilio (L. A. Seneca) - La Belle Verte (C. Serreau) - The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming (M. Fukuoka) - Permaculture: a designer's manual (B. Mollison) - Introduction to Permaculture (B. Mollison) - Edible Forest Gardens (D. Jacke) - Seed Saving (E. R-Kaufman) - Profession: Animal de Laboratoire (A. Jougla) - Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement (P. Singer) - Plant Based Nutrition and Health (S. Walsh) - Eating animals (J. Safran Foer) - Recolter les jeunes pousses des plantes sauvages comestibles (Moutsie / G. Ducerf) - Le manuel des jardins agroecologiques : soigner la terre, mieux nourrir les hommes (Editions Terre & Humanisme) - La permaculture en pratique (J. Bloom & D. Boehnlein) - Las venas abiertas de America Latina (E. Galeano) -  the 80/10/10 diet (Dr. D. Graham) - Riflessioni sulle cause della liberta e dell'oppressione sociale (S. Weil) - Dans la peau d'un intouchable (M. Boulet) - Parler plusieurs langues: le monde des bilingues (F. Grosjean) - Sister Species (L. Kemmerer) - The Genius in All of Us (D. Shenk) - Bhagavad Gita (S-S. Sivananda) - La Forza della Gentilezza (P. Ferrucci)- Eat to Live (J. Fuhrman) - A language older than words (D. Jensen) - Steak Machine (G. Le Guilcher) - Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights (S. Donaldson) - Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians and Meat Eaters and Strategic Action for Animals (M. Joy) -  30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How to Respond to Them (Earthling Ed) - How Not To Die (M. Greger) - Reasons To Stay Alive (M. Haig) - Eat Like You Care (G.L. Francione, A. Charlton) - Eternal Treblinka, our treatment of animals and the holocaust (C. Patterson) - The Origin of Species (C. Darwin) - In Defense of Animals, the second wave (P. Singer) - The Animal Activist's Handbook (M. Ball & B. Friedrich) - No Steak (A. Caron) - Experimentation Animale, Honte et Echecs de la medecine (H. Ruesch) - La Cause Animale (C. Traini) - L'ethique Animale (JB. Jeangene Vilmer) - Vivre Sans Argent (B. Lesage) - Meat Abolition (Cahiers Antispecistes) - The Power of Social Intelligence (T. Buzan) -  La Cause des Animaux, pour un destin commun (F. Burgat) - La Revolution Vegetarienne (T. Lepeltier) - Manifeste pour les Animaux (F-O. Giesbert, M. Onfray, B. Cyrulnik, E. de Fontenay, J-D. Vincent, I. Sorrente, F. Edelstein, A-M. Philipe, H. Desnoyer) - Les Emotions des Animaux (M. Bekoff) - La Liberation par l'Action (J. Krishnamurti) -  The Four Agreements (D-M. Ruiz) - Non Violent Communication: A language of Life (M. B-Rosenberg) -  

Documentaries / Documentaires:

Best speech you will ever hear (G. Yourofsky) - Earthlings & Unity (S. Monson) - Food Inc. (R. Kenner) - La Belle Verte & Solutions locales pour désordre global (C. Serreau) - Forks over Knives (L. Fulkerson) - Origins (P. Shojai) - Vegucated (M. Miller Wolfson) - Samsara (R. Fricke & M. Magidson) - Food Matters & Hungry for Change (J. Colquhoun & L. ten Bosch) - Bottled life (U. Schnell) - Go further (R. Mann) - Capitalism, a love story (M. Moore) - Nos enfants nous accuseront (J-P. Jaud) - The Future of Food (D. Koons Garcia) - Fat, sick and nearly dead (J. Cross) - Black Fish (G. Cowperthwaite) - Happy (R. Belic) - The End of Poverty (P. Diaz) - Cowspiracy (K. Andersen & K. Kuhn) - The Price of Sugar (B. Haney) - Not for Sale (R. Marcarelli) - Lucent & Dominion (Aussie Farms & C. Delforce)  - Peaceable Kingdom (J. Stein) - The Economics of Happiness (H. Norberg Hodge) - Seeds of Permaculture (G. Mulder & R. Van der voort) - The World According to Monsanto (M-M. Robin) - An Inconvenient Truth (D. Guggenheim) - The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic (O. Asselin) - Speciesism: the movie (M. Devries) - The East (Z. Batmanglij) - Planet of the Apes (F. J-Schnaffner) - The Dark Side Of Chocolate (M. Mistrati & R. Romano) - All in this tea (L. Blank & G. Leibrecht) - Seeds of Freedom (J. Phillimore) - Animals should be off the menu - Simply Raw: reversing diabetes in 30 days (A. Elliott) - The emotional world of farm animals (J. Masson & S. Minasian) - MAN (S. Cutts) - Wake up call (S. Cutts) - A delicate balance (A. Scheibner) - Thrive (S. Gagné, K. Carter Gamble) - Demain (C. Dion & M.Laurent) - Der Process (I. G-Hauzenberger) - Revolution OS (J.T.S. Moore) - Vers un monde altruiste - Life according to Ohad (E.D. Erlich) - Plantpure Nation (N. Campbell) - Being and Becoming (C. Bellar) - Rising from Ashes (T.C. Johnstone) - A Plastic Ocean (C. Leeson)- Take Back Your Power (J. Del Sol) - Nouveau Monde (Y. Richet) - En quête de sens (N. Coste) - Ilha das Flores (J. Furtado) - Profils Paysans: La vie moderne (R. Depardon) - More Than Honey (M. Imhoof) - Anaïs s'en va t-en guerre (M. Gervais) - Women are Heroes (JR) - Die Akte Aluminium (B. Ehgartner) - The Price We Pay (H. Crooks) - Notre Poison Quotidien (M-M. Robin) - Le pain et le vin de l'an 2000 (J. Lallier) - Trashed (C. Brady) - Before the Flood (F. Stevens) - Gandhi (R. Attenborough) - The man who planted trees (J. Giono) - La Voz del Viento (C. Pons) - The True Cost (A. Morgan) - What the Health (K. Andersen, K Kuhn) - Empathy (E. Antoja) - Land of Hope and Glory ('Surge' Activists) - The Ghosts in Our Machine (L. Marshall) - Carnage: Swallowing the Past (S. Amstell) -  Okja (J-h. Bong) - Eating you alive (P-D. Kennamer Jr) - The End of Meat (M. Pierschel) - That sugar film (D. Gameau) - Bikes Vs Cars (F. Gertten) - The Last Pig (A. Argo) - H.O.P.E (N. Messinger) - Dominion (C. Delforce) - Eating Animals (C. Dillon Quinn) - Food Choices (M. Siewerski) - Live and Let Live (M. Pierschel) - GMO OMG (J. Seifert) - From Fat to Finish Line (A. Lee) - Sugar Coated (M. Hozer) - The Game Changers (L. Psihoyos) - De la servitude moderne (J-F. Brient)- The Story of Plastic (D. Schlosberg) -   

Other resources / Autres ressources:

Radar Squat - Ubuntu - Linux - Adaptt.org - Nutritionfacts.org by Michael Greger M.D. - Beyond Carnism - Permies.com - Free permaculture online courses - Open Culture - HappyCow - FoodIsFree - Incredible Edible / Les Incroyables Comestibles - Evolve Campaigns  - Mercy for Animals - VeganSideKick - Finding Vegan - Mangez Vegetarien! - Fourrure Torture - Publispeciesism - 50 PDF gratuits sur la Permaculture - Coursera - MOOC - The Art of Compassion - Films for action - Tour de France des Alternatives - The Permaculture Podcast - Engine2diet - Making the connexion - The humane myth - Le jardin vivant - Animal Equality - 269 life - Sea Shepherd - L214 - Votre opinion ne compte plus - Association Vegetarienne de France - Livres autonomie/alternatives A TELECHARGER - Position officielle de l’Association américaine de diététique au sujet de l’alimentation végétarienne/vegetalienne (Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION)- Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2 (Michael J. Orlich, MD; Pramil N. Singh, DrPH; Joan Sabaté, MD, DrPH; Karen Jaceldo-Siegl, DrPH; Jing Fan, MS;Synnove Knutsen, MD, PhD; W. Lawrence Beeson, DrPH; Gary E. Fraser, MBchB, PhD) - The Vegan Society - Lobbying (C. Polère) - Reality? Think about that - The Carcinogenic Effects of Devitalised Teeth by J. Issels & M. Finkel - Guide du Permaculteur Debutant par B. Broustey - Humans are biologically herbivores by Milton R. Mills, M.D (English, Italian, French) - Chemical composition of food (S. Momentè and S. Cargnello) - The Movement for Compassionate Living - L'essence de la Permaculture (par D. Holmgren) - On passe a l'acte - Warmshowers.org - MrMondialisation.org - FoodNotBombs.net - FoodIsFree.org - Trashwiki.org - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - Chooseveg.com - Permies.com - Tela Botanica  - Desobeir.net - Are you lost in the world like me? by Steve Cutts - Vegan Pays Basque  - La Terre d'abord - Bikes Not Bombs - Ventusky (wind. rain and temperature maps) - Disinformazione.it - Lapins Runners - Sortirdupetrole.com - The why and how of effective altruism (P.Singer) - BikePedia - Strava - 99media - Carfree.fr - Zero Waste Europe - Anonymous for the Voiceless - Animalrights.nl - VeganHealth.org - The Save Movement - Bite Back - Podcast La Voix des Animaux -