Positive Solutions for Sustainable Futures



walking: come on don’t be lazy and just use your feet it’s the cheapest way 😉

by bike: bike around the world! (Read my article about the benefits of cycling clicking here)

by bus: using Greyhound in Australia or FlixBus / Megabus / Eurolines and much more…in Europe

by train: last minute train tickets or book 2-3 months in advance – Ouigo.com / you can also travel a continent using a train pass ; for example in Europe there is Interrail / Eurail  – and you can probably bring your bike if you’d like!!

by car: Free Car sharing / Car sharing (www.blablacar.com) …simply hitchhiking! it costs you nothing but patience, a smile and a little bit of conversation

by air: Low cost companies: Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways, Ryanair, AirAsia, EasyJet, Vueling, Iberia, XL Airways…



Peace begins on your plate…it means PLANT BASED EATING!

DO NOT WASTE FOOD…Industry and around us it’s enough!

for example Foodsharing (in Germany), Disco Soupe (in France) – check out your local farmers market everywhere you go (prefer support organic, remember that you vote with your wallet)Food Not BombsAMAP / La Ruche qui dit oui (in France) – Organic shops – Foodswap


CLOTHES AND STUFF (Not too much! 😉 )


Use second hand stuff : why buy new stuff when there is plenty of stuff people do not use or wear?

Support firms that respect environment and local people. Every action has a consequence somewhere else.

Go to Second Hand Shops in the nearest town, exchange stuff with friends, or give it to a charity (emmaus).

Brocantes & Vides Greniers – Garage Sales – Second hand websites: Craiglist, Gumtree, Le Bon Coin, Kijiji, Subito, Vibbo, Milanuncios, le97, …

Free stuff: donnons.org (France), your friends probably or friends of friends?

Sell your stuff when you haven’t use it for a year. Buying second hand you respect the saying: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” (A. Lavoisier)


Just go somewhere and do some activities you’ll meet people with whom you can learn something: to speak/practice a common language, share a meal, to play an instrument….etc HAVE FUN 🙂

Meetup –  Couchsurfing –  Other social network groups …


Pantry: buy in bulk (limiting the plastic packaging and all the petrol costs to our environment….Plastic can not biodegrade,  I fear that we’ve created a plastics time bomb that will last for centuries) – Possibly buy local products from organic producers/shops.

Using (second hand) glass jars, your herbs, nuts&seeds, grains, (home made?) dried fruits, etc will last longer and you can put your bulked products in it.

It’s not expensive to buy (one time and that’s it!) organic cotton&hemp reusable grocery bags you can reuse a million time!

Stuff: again second hand….you can really find some treasures there!…..

Food: Planting your own fruits and veggies you are more self-sustainable. If you don’t have a garden or a space to grow, you can always find a place on your windows or balcony. Herbs don’t take so much space!

Soaking the nuts activates and multiplies nutrients, neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and promotes the growth of vital digestive enzymes.

Cooking your own meals, you e.x.a.c.t.l.y know what’s inside. Plus, it’s relaxing and you will learn some techniques 🙂

Activities: Turn off the television – spend time doing some sport (anything you’d like), learning, reading, relaxing, meeting (real) people, doing what you like – but not being a spectator of advertisings trying to convince you to BUY.BUY.BUY…you do not need it to be happy.