Consumerism & appearances in our modern society

I had the chance to travel a little bit here and there in my life , and everywhere (most of the places, especially in cities) I’ve been it’s about the same thing: it is all about appearances.

Physical appearances

(physical) Appearances mean, in big cities, be perfect in every moment, be beautiful outside… it also means: it doesn’t matter what you do for living, how you struggle paying your (expensive) rent or if you can afford all the (useless) stuff you buy…It’s all in the outside! 



Emotional appearances

Appearance is also about emotions: wearing a mask when you feel sad/angry inside but have to hide it or just pretend everything is fine….


Remember: your mind and your soul are more important than your outside butt. Perhaps you will attract less people if you look less superficial than this “modern” society but you will attract the clever ones. People who’d be interested of your experiences, thoughts,….

Material appearances

Talking ’bout stuff: ^^


The majority – a large majority I can say- of people buy things they don’t need to try to impress people they even do not care about or are not interested in….that’s stupid. Now the relation between appearances and consumerism is simple: you want to look beautiful outside or close to perfection (which by the way doesn’t exist) so you are probably going to buy more stuff. Consumerism is today’s society philosophy, unfortunately. You are born in the 21st century so obviously you know what I’m talking about. If that’s not the case, I would suggest you to check here . or there. Or just type “consumerism” on your search engine and you will find a tons of articles.

How I feel about this society is sadness-  how, sometimes, people put so much effort and energy in looking perfect when they are not! I think that’s a loss of time. No one wakes up with their perfect life, perfect bodies, perfect children, perfect jobs, perfect friends & family, perfect house and perfect…and perfect…the list goes on. You have to understand one thing: Perfection just doesn’t exist. That’s unfortunate that when we grew up, our parents and the society in general taught us that you could reach it….

Yes today that’s my day mood “I’m fed up about appearances” .


Please note that I’ve created this blog to share my thoughts so if you don’t want to read it, do not, there are so many blogs you could enjoy instead of losing your time reading my articles.