Pumpkin Coconut Chai Latte


“Balance should be the goal of those looking for health, since being too yin or too yang without being stable to return to balance constitutes a state of disease. A modern person will often be simultaneously too yin and too yang. This is because yin and yang have not emerged, due to a lifestyle more extreme than the person can integrate. When one is well balanced, it is possible to become either very yin or very yang in response to the demands of the moment, without being stranded in a simultaneous excess of yin and yang, which is always stressful. The balanced person easily expands or contracts, becomes more active or passive and at the same time remains anchored in stillness (emptiness permeated with Wonderful Existence), the place where yin and yang fuse into unified reality.”

(from “Healing with whole foods” by Paul Pitchford)



I definitely prefer eating/drinking raw foods but when the weather is cold in fall time (or when we have a non stop rain week…) I sometimes like this kind of hot treat…..

For this recipe, I’ve used homemade coconut milk (which is basically two tablespoons of coconut flour and about half liter of filtered water that I’ve been bringing to a boil.) but you can also find coconut milk from grocery stores.

Use about 150g of the pumpkin, skinless and of course seedless. Chop into cubes and add to the coconut milk (300ml) in a small pan.

Add spices according to your taste: from 1/4 of a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon of each spice: cinnamon, ground nutmeg, one, two or three cloves, ginger + chili (if you want to add some pep) + two or three fresh dates for natural sweetener.

Let the mixture cook on a medium fire for 15-20 minutes. Then, blend it. Serve it hot. It’s really delicate! If you’re a sweet tooth, you can dip your homemade vegan caramelized cocoa beans, choc&hazelnut cookies in it 😉


What people think of Squitti’s Cakes

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From dumpster to dinner plate

Listening to "LA REVOLTE" 

It’s hard to imagine any of the commuters you will see in the centre of your city, for example, not owning a watch or a good pair of shoes or any of the other essentials to get them through the day. And everywhere they go there’s another ad or a store trying to sell them more. That’s consumerism in a nutshell. Something doesn’t work anymore? — Buy a new one! Need a change? — Buy something new!

The 90’s were a decade that brought us the extreme shopping channel, the dot-com bubble and more luxuries that we could ever imagine. But then, the bubble burst. Wall Street crumbled and we got slammed by a once in a life time recession. Then we paused for a moment to reassess…




Capitalism is the childish idea that there’s no suck thing as too much



Food goes to trash while millions starve


Freegans are people who employ alternative strategies for living based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Freegans embrace community, generosity, social concern, freedom, cooperation, and sharing in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.Logo_864

Freeganism is a sustainable practice that’s about creating alternatives and Do-It-Yourself habits. If you need fruits or vegetables, then don’t buy those from a capitalist company that exploits animals in the farms or people on the fields. Grow your own fruits and veggies. This is the real freedom  to produce goods on your own and with your friends, to create communities consisting of mutually supportive people and relationships. Freedom, solidarity, independence  this is FREEDOM.

dumpster to breakfast

Make sure to check these beauties: Freecycle.orgFreegan.infoTrashwiki.orgFoodisfree Food Not Bombs


Cruelty free Crepes


This recipe was published in the Biocontact magazine, October 2016 (free sample in organic shops in France)

Ingredients you will need are:

  • 200g T80 wheat flour
  • 60g chickpeas flour
  • 70g non refined cane sugar or coconut sugar
  • half of a vanilla pod
  • 50cl (500ml) homemade hemp mylk or any other kind of non dairy mylk
  • 2cl (20ml) extra virgin olive oil

As a traditional crepes dough, in a large bowl, blend the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. Cover and let it at ambient temperature for more than half an hour. Lightly oil a crepe pan and place it over medium heat. When the pan is hot, cook the crepe until it is golden, then flip it and cook the other side. Repeat the steps for any crepe until there’s no more dough left.

Enjoy with homemade raspberry coulis, carob sauce, fruits jam, according to your taste!..

Why it’s important to surround yourself with positive people

I wanted to write this article since a long time so here we are. That’s what I’ve learned over the years:

-Non positive people will let you feel down maybe more than you are already. Positive people encourage you, make you smile or laugh, they can also show you the bad AND the positive effects of any choice you’ve made.

-Positivity will bring you positivity. Same happens for negativity. You are what you think, so don’t be angry or sad, try to find solutions instead of problems.

-Problems are, unfortunately, everywhere. I mean, everyone got problems. More important sometimes, they got WORST problems then yours according to them and you probably think you’ve got worst problems than other persons. So……relax…be grateful every day for the gift of being alive. Time goes so swiftly. Everything can change in one second, depending on you: 10% is what happen to you, 90% is how you react to it.

-‘No’ does not means negativity. It’s right to say ‘No’, in any occasion where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Choose companions who respect your well-being, who are enthusiastic about life and want to do something wonderful.

-Positivity will bring you less stress, more relaxed time, you will forget a bit about the future and concentrate your thoughts in the present time. You will have more open doors.

-If you already have positive friends, nurture them. They are important: the majority of the society is already depressed and is looking for people to save them but they don’t really want to be ‘saved’. Make sure to have lonely time only for yourself, and the rest of the time, surround yourself with positive people.

Focus with positive energy and the negative doesn’t consume you.



Wild Cooking: Nettle, Hogweed & Ground elder Pesto



Urtica dioica, Heracleum sphondylium & Aegopodium podagraria PESTO

Collect the leaves of nettle, ground elder and hogweed in the wild :)

Put water and distilled vinegar in a big bowl and soak the leaves for about five minutes to disinfect.

Drain and mix the leaves in a blender. Add cloves of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt (or celery salt). I would add an avocado for extra creaminess... Blend blend blend - while listening to "Young Folks" 

I know it's tempting to eat like this, but better if refrigerated ;-) ENJOY!

ortie berce egopode


Happy, Caring, Healthy and Sharing

happy-caring-healthy-sharing-a-book-for-young-green-vegans-graham-burnett-buy-online-300x300by Graham BURNETT

Green vegans believe in living compassionately, that is to say in living a happy and caring life that does not cause suffering to animals or the world around us.

Green vegans believe that such a way of life is also of direct benefit to our fellow human beings, for land that is at the moment used for animal farming or to grow cattle feed could be turned over to growing food suitable for humans. In countries found in Africa, Asia and Latin America especially, this would go a long way towards ending hunger and poverty.

As well as growing cattle feed, much of the land in ‘Third World’ countries is given over to growing ‘cash crops’, such as coffee, tea or sugar which are sent to Western countries. If demand from the West for meat and cash crops was to end, how do you think that land might be used? What crops do you think the people of these countries might grow to feed themselves?

The animals should be our friends, and free to live their own lives in peace. Vegans believe we should strive to live in harmony with the animals, and not simply use them for our own ends. There is no product that comes from animals that we cannot either do without completely or use a cruelty-free alternative to.

In the drawings you can see animals that are all used for our end in one way or another, but in this case they are living free in an animal sanctuary. Can you think in which way each animal is used by humans? Which of the products from each creature do you think we could do without altogether, and which could be replaced by products that do not come from animals?

Putting animals into zoos and circuses are two more unnecessary and unnatural ways in which we treat animals just for our pleasure- much more enjoyable and respectful is to have a nature walk. Why not go out into the countryside- maybe the woods or marshes- whatever is nearest to you- and see what animals you can observe in their natural habitat. Keep still and quiet and watch their behavior. Wild animals may be difficult to spot, but it’s much more fun when you do!

Cow’s milk is meant for the calf, not for human babies. In fact many children find it too rich, and in some cases even harmful. Human breast milk contains all the goodness that babies need for a healthy start in life. When we are older, the goodness and vitamins that we received in mother’s milk can be found in other foods, including some Soya milks, bread, nuts, seeds, fruit and green vegetables.

Alternatives to many dairy products can be made at home in the kitchen using vegan ingredients. Vegan ‘cheese’ can be made quickly and easily by mixing Soya flour, sunflower margarine and yeast extract. Soya milk by pressing cooked Soya beans.

Many green vegans prefer not to use Soya products, as these can be seen as a ‘cash crop’, using land overseas that should feed people there. They are not really necessary -‘milk’ can be made from nuts, and well cooked split peas can add a creamy texture to many dishes. Even ‘yoghurt’ can be made from porridge or sunflower seeds. Why not experiment and see what other dairy alternatives you can discover?

Green vegans believe that the food we eat is best grown locally, for this means it is fresher, and fuel and energy has not been wasted in bringing it long distances from where it was produced.

It is better still if we can grow our own food, or at least some of it, in our gardens or on an allotment, using vegan-organic methods, that is to say, not using harmful chemicals, and replacing animal manures with fertilizers like seaweed, compost or ‘green manure’.

Even if you don’t have any land for growing vegetables, there is much that can be grown indoors, just on a window ledge; herbs such as parsley or basil; mustard and cress grown on blotting paper; or beans, chick peas, field beans, alfalfa, fenugreek or barley. put them in a jam jar, and soak in water, which should be changed daily by draining through a piece of material. Within a few days edible shoots will appear. See how you get along with these, then why not try some others- you could even start you own indoor miniature farm!

If land was not wasted for animal farming, but grew only the crops we could eat directly, and if we all made an effort to grow some of our own food, far more land could be given over to tree planting (re-afforestation). As well as being a source of wonder and beauty in their own right, trees have many important uses and functions.

Their leaves give out oxygen, which keeps the air fresh and clean for us to breath. They also take in carbon dioxide, and store the carbon in their wood. We have put too much carbon dioxide into the air by burning coal (the trees that grew millions of years ago) and oil, which could have bad results on the climate.

Their roots reach down deep into the soil, and draw up water otherwise far beyond our reach.

Tree cover is a vital part of keeping soil fertile, and preventing erosion and the spread of deserts.

When sensibly managed, trees are also important as crops, giving us many different products such as timber for building and furniture, fibres, dyes, paper, medicines and fuel, as well as providing bountiful food for humans and animals in the form of beans, nuts and fruit.

Trees are also vital in supporting animal and plant communities (ecosystems)- how many animals can you spot living in or near the oak tree opposite? How many more animals can you think of that depend upon the oak tree, and would die if it were cut down? Find out and make a list.

Preparing a meal from home grown or locally produced ingredients is very rewarding, and also lots of fun. There are so many ingredients to try, and so many ways to cook them- using leeks, courgettes, oats, broccoli, hazelnuts, carrots, garlic, barley, pasta, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, beans, walnuts, spinach, peas, artichokes, turnips, peppers, mushrooms, marrows, aubergines, sunflower seeds, parsnips, asparagus, rocket, cabbage, radishes, kale, sweet corn, lettuce, quinoa, almonds, chives, potatoes, chestnuts, cucumber, celery, endive, pumpkin, mustard, parsley, gooseberries, apples, plums, blackberries, raisins, cherries, rhubarb, peaches, figs, pears, strawberries, apricots, raspberries, red currants, you could make pies, stews, curries, soups, stir-frys, roasts, flans, dips, soufflés, casseroles, loaves, tarts, crumbles, cakes or biscuits….and how many more can you think of?

Sharing a meal with people you care about, like your family of friends is also great fun. Why don’t you prepare some foods, say vegetable pasties, a salad or sandwiches, and organise a picnic with people you know at one of your favourite outdoor spots? Or if the weather isn’t so nice, you could always prepare a special meal indoors-get your friends to bring something nice to eat as well, then you could share out the food between you.

The good, wholesome foods that make up a balanced vegan diet, together with the active, creative and aware way of life that a person with a ‘green’ outlook leads, tends to promote fitness and health in both mind and body. Green vegans tend to take part in outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling, camping, gardening, or maybe conservation work, or exploring the countryside.

There are many vegans doing well in sporting activities- some who have been vegan all their lives have gained notable achievements in various fields of athletics. In fast there is a yearly marathon held by and for vegetarians and vegans which is always well attended. Many experts on sporting activities recommend a diet which is high in fresh fruit and vegetables rather than one based on animal products.

Do you enjoy sport and outdoor activities? What are you best at? Is it the one that you enjoy the most, maybe swimming or running? Or hockey or football? Or perhaps cycling or rambling? An important thing that is worth remembering is that being Number One isn’t really what matters, the main thing is to know inside that YOU have done your best, and that you’ve had a lot of fun too!




Pita Breads

You will need:
  • 300g whole wheat flour (I’ve used the french one: T110)
  • 180ml warm water
  • 15g fresh yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.


As usual in baking, mix the water and yeast together, and let sit for about five minutes until the yeast is dissolved. (to control the temperature of the water if you can put a finger in the water and it’s not “burning” it is fine) Then add the sugar. Set aside.

In another mixing bowl, add the salt. Cover with the flour. Adding the liquid (yeast+water), knead the dough for about 5-7 minutes, until the dough is smooth and elastic. Add finally the olive oil. Knead again.

Let the dough rise for about an hour (until it doubled). Divide the dough in 6 equal pieces. Let the pitas rise for another 10-15 minutes. In the meantime preheat your oven at 230°C. After that, using a floured rolling pin, roll the pitas (0,5cm thick)

Put the pitas in the oven at 230°C for about 10 minutes.

My recipe makes 6 pitas and you can of course freeze them. They are perfect for Vebabs!

pita breadsLOGO

Vegans Around the World

Click here for the video

We can say whatever we want: that being vegan is a hype or that we are extreme … but in the meantime everyone of these people change things in everyday life. “Vegan” can have a thousand definitions but above all it is unconditional love! ….. 😍💞

A year ago, I was starting this project around the world … I am grateful that destiny allowed me to meet and know you. I hope our paths will cross again soon. THANK YOU TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE . Take care

VEGANISM has no border, no nationality, no age, no gender, no language, no physical apparences or skin colors….

Green Thai Curry with Rice Noodles

green curryLOGO

Fast food IS fruit , and fruits and veggies are the best way to get all the nutrients we need – but…sometimes you just need something warm, delicate, what I call comfort food: green curry noodles dish is one of them.

It’s easy (peasy) to make. You just need a couple of veggies, here I’ve used what I had (carrots, tofu, broccoli, red and yellow capsicums, some shallots and finally the rice noodles)


Green thai curry sauce

In the wok, put 1 tablespoon oil and 1 teaspoon green chili paste.

Add 1 kaffir lime leaf crushed, 1 slice of galangal crushed, 2,5cm of cut lemon grass, 1 tablespoon coconut milk, 1 handful of vegetables (green bean, squash, eggplant, carrot, onions), 3 tablespoons coconut milk. Cook until texture is thick.

Then add 6 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon light tamari soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of molasses or sugar. Cook for roughly 3 minutes.

Finally, add 3 tablespoons coconut milk and chopped mint or thai basil (3/4 leaves)

Before serving, add 1 tablespoon of coconut milk. Gin Khao!


Natural coloured sugar


If you need sugar for decorate a cake or use in your recipes, I’ve imagined a food colouring free sugar recipe for you guys.

It’s very simple: blend 70g of cane sugar with 5 tablespoons of dried hibiscus flowers. annnnnd done.

Can do the same with dried lavender, dried calendula, or any kind of dried edible flower. Easy Peasy 🙂

Sunshine Smoothie

Ingredients: 5 kiwis , 1 mango , half pineapple (frozen) , half fresh lemon juice , 2 passionfruits , Water as needed

Fruits are not local but organic. Most of the ingredients were going to be thrown away in the bin (organic shop) so I saved them and made this superyummy smoothie. If you make it, I can certify you your mind will travel far away 😉