Common things, on a bicycle, in the Netherlands

I admire the Bicycles’ Country for all those things you can see around… For most dutch people it is pretty common and nothing surprising, not dutch myself I find it amazing 🙂


Carrying trash. Some people might see laziness, I see Genius 🙂

Riding together…in one bicycle never seemed that easy!

Carrying his son and the skateboard

going to the lake…

going to/ from the station/airport…

Bringing a friend’s bike 😉

Carrying our best friend

Bucket List & Goals

“It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.” Ram Dass


♣ Observe wild kangaroos ♣ Cycle Europe and more ♣ Explore Sensory Deprivation ♣ Someone waiting for me at the airport ♣ Practice meditation on a daily basis ♣ Put a pencil in my nose and go to the hospital ♣ Travel as much as possible ♣ Living 7 days saying yes to everything ♣ Bath in the Ganges ♣ Having a white Christmas ♣ Communicate with someone without sharing a common spoken language ♣ Go on a road trip ♣ Figure out my priorities ♣ Grow and Eat my own vegetables ♣ Drive the Great Ocean Road ♣ Learn a new vocabulary every day ♣ See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) ♣ Learn to surf ♣ Do a Marathon ♣ Be able to say Hello in 50 languages ♣ Create a website ♣ Live abroad for at least 6 months ♣ Dance Tango in Argentina ♣ Forgive my parents ♣ Float around the Dead Sea ♣ Touch a Penguin ♣ Help Out a Random Stranger in distress ♣ Solve a Rubik’s Cube ♣ Allow myself to make mistakes ♣ Learn Sign Language ♣ Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo ♣ Go Wooffing and Miss it ♣ Go to the Bienal of Flamenco ♣ Accept myself for who I am ♣ Learn to Sail ♣ Fruitpicking ♣ Get in a taxi and yell “follow that car” ♣ Living a van, be an hippie ♣ Send a message in a bottle ♣ Loose at casino ♣ Taking a year off ♣ Scuba dive off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef ♣ Spend Christmas on the beach ♣ Help someone without wanting anything in return ♣ Go to a masquerade ♣ Volunteer for a charity ♣ Go in search of the Lochness monster ♣ Visit Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice ♣ Help someone else fulfill a goal ♣ Learn to speak another language fluently ♣ Write myself a letter and read it ten years later ♣ Make a documentary ♣ Go Hiking in the Rainforest ♣ Learn to Salsa dance ♣ Become a teacher. Make a test where every answer is “C”. Then, enjoy the show. ♣ Laugh until I cry ♣ Be able to play Ukulele ♣ Go Skydiving ♣ Walk barefoot in the rain ♣ Write a Book ♣ Bungee Jump! ♣ Learn Capoeira ♣ Travel ALL South America ♣ Memorize the periodic table of elements ♣ Be part of a flashmob ♣ Learn to knit ♣ Recycle as much as I can ♣ Stay away from drama and negativity ♣ If in doubt, bake a cake ♣ Support Local Organic Farmers ♣ Learn Hindi & Dutch Language ♣ Once a year, go someplace I’ve never been before ♣ Learn to Dance Flamenco ♣ See Salto Angel in Venezuela ♣ Hike the Kilimanjaro ♣ Change one thing (or more!) a week ♣ Be able to Sing without hurting people ♣ Take Theatre Lessons ♣ Downsize, own less stuff and use every thing I have ♣ Sleep to Antoine de Maximy’s Place ♣ Swim with a whale ♣ Travel Africa ♣ Travel India, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan ♣ Live and work in the country of the bicycles (The Netherlands) ♣ Do more activism ♣ Help an Animal Sanctuary ♣ Being Self Employed ♣ Sea Shepherd Mission ♣ Hitchhiking in Switzerland and Failed ♣ Learn to travel light ♣ Do a +100km Bike ride Do a +200km Bike ride ♣ Do a +300km Bike ride ♣ Travel Europe by bike ♣ Sell things I do not use ♣ Use Non Violent Communication as much as I can ♣




W a n d e r l u s t

When was the last time you did something for the first time?



























Vegans Around the World

Click here for the video

We can say whatever we want: that being vegan is a hype or that we are extreme … but in the meantime everyone of these people change things in everyday life. “Vegan” can have a thousand definitions but above all it is unconditional love! ….. 😍💞

A year ago, I was starting this project around the world … I am grateful that destiny allowed me to meet and know you. I hope our paths will cross again soon. THANK YOU TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE . Take care

VEGANISM has no border, no nationality, no age, no gender, no language, no physical apparences or skin colors….

Hippie life, happy life?

Definition of hippie: noun

a person, especially of the late 1960s, who rejected established institutions and values and sought spontaneity, direct personal relations expressing love, and expanded consciousness, often expressed externally in the wearing of casual, folksy clothing and of beads, headbands, used garments, etc.
Definition of happiness: noun
1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.
This is Rufus,
where I used to live for five months when I was working and travelling in Australia.
This was the kitchen 🙂 simple cooking, no oven…That’s where I realised cooking was important to me.
kitchen rufus
This is where I used to drive, eat, sleep but also laugh, cry.
Sans titre
food travelling

This is where I couldn’t possess a lot of THINGS (compared to a permanent residence), couldn’t accumulate so much things but this is where I enjoyed my life the most. This is where I felt that we are all ants. This is where I’ve learnt so much about people, possessions, society, ways of living, and…myself. This is where I had the worst feelings but almost all, the better ones!….This is where “problems” was not a word we could use because we should find solutions quickly.



This is where I haven’t accumulate things, and while working, spent this money for food and hobbies, so did enjoy MOMENTS.

I hope you guys could also experience life like that : simple, easy, cheap, experience moments not things and realise problems are not problems, become or stay grateful of what you have and are right now, work hard for your dreams….

I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within. – Rumi

Benefits of the bicycle

bicycle car“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike….” *Ari & Gafo this is a big thought for you guys..

There are many, many good reasons for bicycle commuting, recreational bicycling and creating a strong bike culture in general.

Biking is fun ⋅ It reduces stress ⋅ It is an activity you can enjoy with friends and family ⋅ It is a good way to socialize with people ⋅ Healthy exercise: therapeutic for the mind, spirit and for the cardio-vascular system, provides bone mass improvement, better muscle tone…etc ⋅ You can explore so many beautiful places by bike ⋅ Reduces greenhouse gas emissions ⋅ Reduces air pollution ⋅ Reduces noise pollution ⋅ Reduces road kills and save animals ⋅ Allows the rider to appreciate more the nature around us ⋅ Easy to vary your route by bicycle ⋅ Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access to motor transport ⋅ Cycling improves your self-esteem ⋅  You save money having a bike instead of a car : purchase price, gas, insurance, maintenance, parking… ⋅ Bicycling is nearly a life-long activity ⋅ Easier and cheaper parking anywhere you go ⋅ Feel the satisfaction and freedom of biking past a traffic jam ⋅ It is an affordable and reliable transportation and it saves you money! ⋅ You will never get bored ⋅ Bicycling is the most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented ⋅  You can bring your bike almost everywhere you travel ⋅ demonstrates a concern for the future: walk (ride) your talk ⋅ Keeps you humble ⋅ Cycling can be enjoyed in a wide variety of climates ⋅ There is a lot of bike communities you can join. You can sometimes learn for free the basis and how to repair your bike (the bike kitchen in Adelaide-Australia for example) ⋅ In less words: a bicycle is an industrial revolution in an individual’s life!


Life is like riding a bicycle — stop peddling and you fall off. ~Author Unknown, c.1936

Personally, when I ride a bike, I feel so free. like a free bird. like this:

So what do you wait for? Go cycling!