Butternut Squash Ravioli


I enjoy Fall period for the fallen leaves and the pumpkin variety.

This recipe came out of my hands, mixing two or three ingredients together for the filling of the ravioli. I love this recipe for a tons of reasons but principally because it’s easy to make, a few ingredients only, it doesn’t require lot of time, you can feel the creaminess of the mashed pumpkin (yuum) and sometimes there is nothing better than Pasta Fresca!

Pasta dough: 400g semola flour, 200ml filtered water, some curcuma, optional: you can add fresh herbs like coriander, a bit of salt if you want..

Butternut filling: a small organic butternut squash, dried tomatoes, yeast flakes (inactivated), some grated nutmeg

Important: leave the pasta dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes before roll it.


For the process of the recipe, enjoy the cooking sounds VIDEO HERE

You can obviously cut the pasta like you prefer: in round, half moon or square. and…Buon appetito!